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This book is all about love. It is the story of a family and its Collie dog, Beauty, as told by the dog. Beauty is a Rough Collie, with a classic layered coat and a real attitude. The theme of the story is the love of the family’s children for Beauty and the return of that love by the Collie. In the story, the volume of Beauty’s coat shedding presents many challenges, but also opportunities for the children’s creativity. Jack and Kate collect the fur, shed by Beauty, until it fills their clothes closets. Mom’s discovery of this treasure starts the adventure of finding a solution to “saving this part of Beauty”. The family, and the extended family, must work together to produce a creative solution. And so, this story was born! This is a Read Aloud book for children ages 3 -11, and their parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, who will read this book to them until they are able to read it for themselves. Additional activities and learning opportunities are included at the end of the story. These were provided by Primary school specialist Carollynn Desjardins. Young readers will enjoy the search and find puzzle in which they look for Beauty’s paw print hidden in each of the 24 colourful illustrations. This search will help the story come alive for the children.

Joseph Di Profio photo

Small town life in Nova Scotia and Ontario, often came with having a family pet. Joe’s life was no exception. His much-loved, childhood, Bernese Mountain dog set the stage for later providing his own children with a family pet, a Rough Collie. This special pet won the hearts of each family member, as well as, those who met her. In 34 years of various roles in education, ranging from teacher to administrator, as well as time at the Royal Ontario Museum, in Toronto, he had the ongoing task of addressing learning opportunities for both the young and old. His personal love of learning and reading, and his sense of humour, are reflected in the pages of Beauty’s Mittens. Master storyteller, Joe Di Profio, Sr., and talented illustrator Nicholas Donovan Mueller have created a book worth reading again and again.

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